October 25, 2012 10:16 AM

3rd Annual Best Buy Pit Crew Challenge

The format is simple. All 9 programs RFR oversees compete each Wednesday for 4 weeks accumulating points. Points are awarded based on fast time from a scripted pit stop scenario list that mimics the upcoming race. Each team will complete the same 5 scenarios and have the times ranked against the group. We officiate each pit stop scenario based on NASCAR rules and company philosophy. Penalties result in points deductions. Bonus points are awarded for the top performances with no mistakes. After week four the top 2 teams face off the following week in a best of seven, winner take all format. Winners each receive a Best Buy gift card!

Round one results:
The 17 Best Buy crew is in first place by 2 points over the 99 Fastenal Blue Team. The 3M Pitbulls are 13 points behind in 3rd with the 43 RPM team holding down 4th place.

Round two results:
Round 2 of the RFR/RPM pit crew tournament is complete. The 16 3M pit bulls scored the most second round points but remain in third place overall. The 17 Best Buy crew retained the overall lead by 4 points over the 99 Fastenal Blue Team. With 2 rounds remaining four teams have a chance to advance to the final head to head match. Next week promises to be critical as fuel team scenarios are the focal point of Round 3.

Round three results:
Round three of the RFR/RPM pit crew tournament featured scenarios most likely to be used during the Talladega race on Sunday Oct 7. The 16 3M pit bulls took top honors and vaulted from 3rd place to 1st in the overall classification. The 99 Fastenal Blue team had a 3rd consecutive consistent performance and is now only 3 points from the lead. The 17 Best Buy crew had a rough outing and slipped from 1st to 3rd overall. The stakes are high as 4 teams are mathematically eligible to advance to the final match in week 5.

Round four results:
Today marked the last round of the 2012 pit crew tournament. The 16 and 17 have advanced to the final head to head showdown to decide the 2012 champion.  We plan to have the final match on Wednesday October 24th at 11:00am. Stay tuned for details as we plan to have lunch and awards immediately following  the match.

And the winner is..................

The 3rd annual RFR/RPM pit crew tournament has concluded and the winner is...(drum-roll)...17 Best Buy Crew.  Nearly 100 crew members from RPM and RFR came out to watch the event.  With Best Buy gift cards on the line, the pressure intensified each stop.  That pressure would prove to be too great for the 16 3M pit bulls today. The best of 7 format ended with a score of 4 to 1 in favor of the 17. That gives the 17 Best Buy crew 2 tournament championships out of the 3 years it has been held.

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