October 28, 2012 10:18 AM

Edwards Qualifies 23rd in Martinsville

CARL EDWARDS – No. 99 Geek Squad Ford Fusion – “I’ve got to figure out exactly where we lose so much speed here.  We struggle here at this race track.  We’ve raced pretty well and we’ve had some pretty good results, and we want so bad to get a win this year.  We’d like to do it on a short track, that would be really nice, but in qualifying we went a little faster than we did in practice.  We’ve got Best Buy with the Geek Squad on board, so we’ve got a really cool paint job and a really neat race car, now we’ve got to work on it in race trim.  I’m hoping that’s a decent qualifying spot, but I don’t think it’s fast enough.  I think we’re gonna struggle a little bit.” 


WHAT WOULD IT MEAN TO WIN BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR?  “I think it would mean more now that we’ve struggled so much this year than it’s meant in a long time.  If we could win a race or maybe two races, that would be great.  We just talked about this track, which if I stay off the curbs and I don’t make any big mistakes, I think we can run pretty well here.  And then we go to Texas, Phoenix and Homestead and those are all places I think we can win at, but I’m really excited about 2013.  We don’t quit.  We’re gonna do everything we can this season and, hopefully, we get a good run here.”

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