June 4, 2009 5:02 PM

Ricky Stenhouse Jr.: From Horsepower to Bull Power

With Mauney and Proctor’s help, NASCAR’s Stenhouse takes a shot at bull riding   
PUEBLO, Colo. (June 4, 2009) - Usually when Ricky Stenhouse Jr. talks about running, the 21-year-old up-and-coming NASCAR driver is talking about his car.

But last week when J.B. Mauney and Shane Proctor told the Mississippi native he needed to run to the fence as fast as he could, they weren’t referring to an auto in the Nationwide Series.

The brothers-in-law were instructing Stenhouse, who said he likes to live life “wide open,” to get on his feet and literally run to safety.

“It jumped around and kicked and did all that,” he recalled, “and then I was on the ground and I ran to the fence.”

The it he’s is referring to is a bull.

“I knew where I was, and that was one of the things that J.B. and Shane had told me, was when you land, get to the fence as quick as possible, and if it runs at you don’t run in a straight line, kind of zigzag a little bit.”

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