June 24, 2009 4:33 PM

Straight from the 2008 RFR Fan of the Year: Jon's New Hampshire/Memphis Preview

What's happening, RFR fans!?

Sonoma was rather interesting.  Our guys were having good runs all day until someone else on the track got into one of them.  Road course racing is definitely a challenge, but our teams sure did what they could.  I saw some encouraging things during the race last Sunday from all the teams.  That bodes well for the future, maybe even at Watkins Glen when they get there. 

Congratulations to Carl Edwards and the #60 Save-A-Lot team for winning at Milwaukee last Saturday.  This might be the start of something positive as we near the halfway point in the NASCAR season.  Let's keep it going guys!  We are all very proud of you for your victory!  I also want to congratulate the other Nationwide teams for their continued climb up the points ladder.  Erik and Ricky sure are performing well in their limited roles.  It makes me excited for the future at RFR with these guys behind the wheel, getting valuable seat time!  Well done in Milwaukee, guys!  You had great finishes and a great race overall!  And of course, Mr. Colin Braun continues to be very consistent in the Camping World Truck Series.  You are definitely a driver that requires attention and respect while on the track competing.  Keep up the great runs, Colin!  We're all behind you!

This weekend, the teams visit New Hampshire.  It's a great weekend for RFR, as the Fenway Sports Group, who teamed up with Roush to form Roush Fenway Racing, can claim NHIS as sort of a home track this Saturday and Sunday.  I'm sure many of the associates and employees will be on hand to watch some good racing at New Hampshire.  With that said, our teams do decent at this track.  The new car is a challenge at New Hampshire, but with Greg Biffle's past success there (last year included), I think RFR will be in contention late in the race.  It's a relatively low banking track that requires a good chassis set up for sure!  As much down force as possible is a key element to rolling through those turns fast and hitting the gas as early as possible on exit from the turns to jump ahead of any competitors.  I see momentum building with our teams, and I certainly think that we can be very competitive this weekend in both the Nationwide and Sprint Cup races.  New Hampshire is sort of similar to Milwaukee in a way, so perhaps with the success we had last weekend, we may just wind up in victory lane on one or both of those days.  I look for all of our teams to do well and run real hard until the end!  Good luck to all of the teams in New Hampshire, and also to Colin Braun and the #6 CWTS team in Memphis.  Let's bring home some trophies and a lot of points this weekend!  Take care fans, and go Roush Fenway!!!

Your 2008 RFR Fan of the Year,


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