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Straight from the 2008 RFR Fan of the Year: Jon's Richmond Preview and...

Jon's Richmond Preview and a Weekend to Give Thanks!

Greetings once again, Roush Fenway Racing fans!

"In thinking of how I would begin this week's composition, I thought it would be most appropriate to title it as I have.  What I mean by “a weekend of thanks” is that I am, as I am sure many of you fans are, very thankful for a few things that occurred at Talladega last weekend. 

"First, I am thankful for David Ragan's first Nationwide win with Roush Fenway Racing.  Congratulations, David, on a job well done!  You've been due, buddy!  Second, I am thankful that Matt Kenseth was not hurt in his roll-over crash in the Nationwide race on Saturday.  When he rolled over a few times and slid on his lid, my stomach dropped!  I am glad you're okay, Matt!  Third, I am, and I know all of the "Ed-Heads" are, very thankful that Carl was not hurt in that horrible crash into the catch fence on the last lap of Sunday’s race.  I am also thankful the fans that were injured are going to be alright as well.  I said a few OMGs as I watched it happen, and all I can say is thank goodness for the newer safety innovations that NASCAR has in place to keep the drivers, crews, and fans as safe as they can be while at the racetracks.  Carl, you showed tremendous poise and grace in your post-race interviews and some of the greatest competitive spirit I have ever seen by the way you hopped from your torn-up Claritin Ford Fusion and ran across the start/finish line to show that you completed the race.  That was classy, and you made all of your fans so proud of you for that move!  That right there goes to show why people love and admire you and are proud to call themselves "Ed-Heads"!  Way to go Carl! 

"Now on to the business at hand, we’re racing at Richmond this weekend!  This has to be one of my favorite races to watch.  I love the racing at Richmond.  It is an awesome short track that seems to always give the fans a good show, especially when it is run under the lights.  It's a fast, ¾-mile track with constant excitement at every turn, and the cars have to handle just right to keep the competitors in contention all night long.  Brake packages will be key to a driver’s success as well.  There is a lot of heat that gets built up around the bead of the tires, so our drivers will need to be extra careful not to over-break the turns, or a tire may blow out on them.  Let's hope that doesn't happen to our Roush Fenway Racing heroes! 

"Alright then, I think it's high time for a Cup victory this weekend for our Roush drivers.  It's been too long (for me anyway) since we've been to victory lane (California).  Someone is going to win this weekend.  We were so close last weekend!  Will it be Greg?  Maybe Matt gets his third win Saturday?  Perhaps Jamie will deliver this weekend?  Could David get his first Cup victory under the lights?  Or will there be some redemption for Carl Edwards from Talladega along with a victory back-flip?  My students Kennedy, Michael, Mia, Tahj, and I (pictured above) are keyed up for a win from one of our heroes at Richmond!  Tune in this weekend to find out, and, as always, go Roush Fenway!"

Go fast, turn left! 

Your 2008 RFR Fan of the Year,


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