March 31, 2009 11:25 AM

Straight from the 2008 RFR Fan of the Year: Jon's Texas Preview

Greetings again, Roush Fenway Racing fans!

“Well, I thought I'd never hear myself say that I'm glad that short track racing is going away for a while, but after the last two weeks at Bristol and Martinsville, good riddance!  I'm sure the teams and drivers are looking forward to a change in scenery from the short tracks after two not-so productive weekends of racing. 

“Last week I picked Jamie to win at Martinsville, and I am happy that he got a top 10 finish, but the others were less fortunate.  I am hoping we can crank it up a notch in the next few weeks and get back into some serious "Chase for the Cup" contention for all of the teams.  It has been very "un-Roush-like" of the drivers to end up where they did at Bristol and Martinsville, but I guess that's racing.  At any rate, what better place to get back into it than at Texas Motor Speedway! 

“Roush Fenway Racing has been very dominant at that track since it opened, and I suspect there will be better results from all of the teams this weekend.  It's one of the fastest tracks on the NASCAR circuit, and Carl, Greg, and Matt have all won there before, which is great news heading into this weekend's race.  Let's hope one of our favorite Roush Fenway Racing drivers can get to victory lane this weekend and shoot off those "six shooters" following the trophy presentation. 

“With that said, I will take any Roush driver in victory lane this weekend, but I look for the # 17 DEWALT team of Matt Kenseth to break out of their mini-slump and bring it home on Sunday, and I also look for Carl to win in the Nationwide Series race on Saturday.  Christen (pictured above), another one of my fantastic students, has made it clear that she expects Carl Edwards to win on Saturday and Sunday as well.  She states, ‘Carl is a really good driver, and he has won there before, so I think he will be the winner.’  Good pick, Christen.  I'm sure the ‘Ed-Heads’ all agree with you too! 

“If you're going to Texas this weekend, have a blast, cheer wildly, and let everyone know that ‘Roush Nation’ has the loudest and greatest fans there are!  Let's bring home some victories this weekend!  Good luck to all of the teams at Texas!”

Go Roush Fenway!

Your 2008 Fan of the Year,


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