March 23, 2009 4:22 PM

What You Don't Know About: Gene Hopkins

Get to know the team members of Roush Fenway Racing in this brand new feature, a exclusive!

Name: Gene Hopkins
Team: #16
Position: Mechanic
Years in Racing:
Years at Roush Fenway: 7

Born:  2-17-71
Hometown: Emira, NY
Residence: Kannapolis, NC
Status: Married

Favorite Movies: Anything that Clint Eastwood is in.

Favorite Websites (aside from

Favorite Magazine: “Bassmaster”

Favorite TV Shows: Fishing shows

Favorite Cartoon: “Tom and Jerry”

Favorite Video Game: NASCAR

Worst Habit: Too much cussing.

First Job: Brick mason

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be? Hank Parker

Favorite athlete to watch in a sport other than NASCAR: John Force

Favorite Sesame Street Character: Elmo

Favorite City to Visit: New York City

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: any

Favorite Candy Bar: M&M’s.

Favorite Track: Dover

Least Favorite Track: Daytona, Talladega.

Best NASCAR Moment:  Winning the 600.

Who is your hero? Hank Parker

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