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Appreciative, inquisitive, loyal. To a marketer,
these are the most desirable fans in sports.

The combination of unparalleled brand loyalty, sponsor appreciation and demographics make NASCAR fans the most desirable audience available and team sponsorship the best value in marketing. For the better part of the year, from venues across the nation and beyond, a massive, diverse community of people gathers and rallies behind drivers and teams – and the sponsors who support them. Compared to fans of other sports, racing fans proudly integrate their loyalty into every aspect of their life, including their purchasing behaviors and decisions.

Fact: Fans are three times as likely as non-fans to purchase sponsors’ products and services. Why? Loyalty and connection: when they buy a product promoted by a team, they know their purchase directly supports the sport they love, deepening the commitment to their team. 

Loyalty – fueled by the NASCAR experience.

A visceral experience. Emotional connections. Community. These are the elements of Experiential Marketing; one of the most powerfully effective forms of marketing today because it empowers consumers, engages them on their terms and leads to loyalty.

The effects of an experience are heightened when consumers feel proximity to the action. In NASCAR, your brand's on and in the action – the cars, the goods, the fans themselves – not merely around it as with traditional sports marketing. This is why no sport delivers experiences quite like NASCAR. Today's fan understands and appreciates sponsor brands and accepts them as a vital, fun part of the sport. They embrace the brands that support their NASCAR team. More facts:

  • 93% of fans said corporate sponsorship is very important to NASCAR’s existence.
  • 83% say they somewhat like or like a lot corporate NASCAR sponsorship.
  • 51% feel as if buying a sponsor’s products allows them to contribute to the sport.

Experiential Marketing is even more valuable today because consumers have more media and technology available to talk about their experiences, thereby extending the reach and value to brands involved.

Brand recall and sponsor appreciation.

Loyalty is nothing if brand recall is weak. Sponsors who connect with consumers in an emotional way enjoy greater unaided brand recall, loyalty, word-of-mouth, and better perceptions/opinions of the brand. Studies have shown that NASCAR fans seem to remember sponsors more often – and more accurately – than any other sports fans.

Fact:  Unaided awareness of sponsors involved in the sport averaged 48 percent across nine product categories.

Demographics and values: An American story.

NASCAR fan popularity across U.S. regions.It’s usually a surprise to marketers who are new to NASCAR just how well this audience aligns with the American population from many perspectives, including income, age and values. For instance, the map on this page tells the story of true, nationwide interest – this stopped being a regional secret a long time ago.

Additional demographic and viewership information can be found by downloading FAST FACTS ABOUT NASCAR.

But interest and demographics are only part of the story. NASCAR, as a sport and fan base, is also well aligned with American values: independence, honesty, loyalty, family. Sadly, it’s tough to name a sport that hasn’t been tainted by the poor judgment of an iconic star athlete or even an entire team. Again, NASCAR stands apart. Here, the desire for competitiveness, drama and excitement does not get in the way of respect for tradition, honor and friendship. And NASCAR's stars share a unique relationship with their sponsors as a sponsor's support is crucial to a driver's ability to succeed. This insures that the driver is a true ambassador for their partner.

Another key difference is that NASCAR’s teams and drivers are about as down to earth as their fans. They make themselves available and enjoy interacting with fans to show their appreciation. This is why many of the world’s top brands have put their faith in the people of NASCAR.