Roush Fenway Racing

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Headquarters Columbus, Georgia
Years With RFR Partner Since 2007
Series NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

The duck and the driver.

Aflac, the country’s largest provider of supplemental insurance, brings a ubiquitous corporate mascot into the world of NASCAR. And while over 90 percent of Americans are familiar with Aflac’s iconic duck, their primary partnership with NASCAR champion Carl Edwards provides Aflac an engaging, credible and authentic spokesperson to deliver their brand promise in creative, memorable ways, immersing Aflac and how they help millions of Americans through difficult times into the hearts of motorsports fans and the American public.

The pervasive rights to use Edwards and his Roush Fenway team allow an icon of sports to interact with the sponsor's iconic duck with virtually no limits with respect to geography or calendar year. The two have appeared together in television commercials, Carl as the straight-faced, likeable spokes-athlete and the duck as its irrepressible self. Interestingly, one spot aired in primetime during NBC’s coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics and featured Carl and the duck on the ski slopes with no references to auto racing. This speaks to the crossover appeal and the high recognition that the best-performing drivers in the sport attain.