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Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader, and Roush Fenway partner for more than twenty years is committed to success, in the marketplace and on the race track.  Jamie Allison, director, Ford North America Motorsports, has spent time in engineering, product planning and marketing during his 24-year Ford career. He has extensive knowledge of how racing benefits the company as a marketing program.

Jamie recently participated in a Live Chat on @Ford where he answered questions asked by employees and shared his team's view of how racing is an integral part of the company’s marketing efforts. The following is an excerpt from the chat transcript.

What makes racing still relevant to the bottom line of our business at Ford?
”Racing is a marketing program for the company, and we measure ourselves just like every marketing program in terms of how well we are improving image and purchase consideration for Ford. But we're also using racing to help spread the word of Ford's transformation as a company building great trucks and Mustangs, to a company that also produces great, fuel-efficient, and fun to drive small cars.

There is unequivocal evidence and research data that proves that our partnership in NASCAR results in our ability to endear ourselves to our customers and helps sell cars. The access we have working with Roush Fenway to the drivers, to their competition on the track, to the engineering discipline that happens, and of course, to the celebrity of Jack and all that Jack brings to us, is what makes this platform very successful. – Jamie Allison, Ford Motor Company, Director, Ford North America Motorsports