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Wiley X

Performance eyewear – used, not just endorsed.

Wiley X sunglasses are recognized worldwide as high performing "tactical eyewear," favored by the military, law enforcement and trades where eye protection is essential. For this same reason, Wiley X has grown popular in another fast-paced, dangerous environment: NASCAR's pit road.

As the official eyewear of each of Roush Fenway Racing's four NASCAR Sprint Cup teams, Wiley X's goal is to not just position themselves as marketers, but as an integral part of the teams' performance. The benefit has been constant exposure in front of millions of fans across the U.S. and beyond. Each time the media covers drivers Carl Edwards, David Ragan, Matt Kenseth or Greg Biffle when they are wearing their sunglasses – which is often – Wiley X racks up brand awareness, ad value and fashion credibility in the eyes of outdoor sports enthusiasts. Being talented, trained spokespeople, the Roush Fenway drivers are also quick to give credit to the brands that support them.

Use of driver likeness/image = powerful brand association.

Away from the track and cameras, Wiley X also enjoys the Roush Fenway benefit of driver likeness and image rights, using photography of drivers using their products in catalogs and video, on and on various social media sites. These activations are helping to expand Wiley X's position from purely a protective eyewear to one of fashion and speed-oriented style. Driver standees (stand-up likenesses) and other activations remind consumers that Wiley X is not only an endorsed product but is a supporter of the teams and drivers that the fans love. In a similar way, print ads in trade publications use drivers' images to heighten brand awareness and credibility in the minds of potential retail partners.