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Navistar International Corp.

Navistar International Corporation has just partnered with Roush Fenway Racing as the Official Hauler/Transporter of equipment and cars to tests, events and races around the country. As you might imagine getting to all the venues safely and reliably is of the utmost importance to the team, and all those miles on the road and hours at the track will attract plenty of brand attention for this legendary truck maker and their new International LoneStar tractor. How much attention do the haulers get? The media love pointing their cameras at them, fans love looking at them, kids love collecting miniature versions, drivers do meet and greets in them – and, well, just take a look at them!


Roush Fenway Signs Long-Term Partnership with Navistar

International LoneStar Series Diesel Trucks set to drive Roush Fenway Success in 2011 and beyond.

Concord, N.C.(Jan. 26, 2011) – Roush Fenway Racing has announced a multi-year organization-wide partnership with Navistar. The agreement will see all Roush Fenway haulers transported to all tests and races behind Navistar’s International LoneStar Series Diesel Trucks.

“We are very pleased to welcome Navistar to Roush Fenway,” said Roush Fenway president Steve Newmark. “Performance and success on the racetrack are what we focus on as an organization. And the first step in succeeding at the track is getting there safely and efficiently. Navistar is an industry leader in power and performance and our racecars will be in good hands with the LoneStar trucks pulling our equipment to the racetracks each week.”
“I’ve seen the trucks over at the shop and they are the sharpest looking diesels on the road,” added Newmark. “I know that some of our truck drivers have expressed just how excited they are to get them out on the road this season.”