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Driven by data.

A quick look at a UPS shipping label reveals an organization that thrives on data and results. UPS, the world's largest package delivery company, takes the same approach in their marketing decision making. Known widely for its delivery service, UPS takes advantage of its Roush Fenway partnership to tout their full range of integrated services, solutions and logistics advantages for businesses. UPS measures their success with their primary sponsorship of Roush Fenway's No. 6 Ford on many fronts, but none is greater than the program's ability to propel UPS's business-to-business activity.

Driving B2B through unique engagement.

UPS enjoys the full spectrun of benefits associated with primary sponsorship of a premier NASCAR team: widespread brand awareness, ad value/PR generated from TV commercials and driver appearances, cause marketing, a centerpiece for a teen-focused safe driving campaign, and more. But more importantly, the sport offers them an extremely effective way to reach their target audience of shipping decision makers and influencers in a unique environment.

Entertaining customers, prospective customers and employees in a UPS-branded, performance-focused environment that surrounds the No. 6 Roush Fenway team is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for both traditional NASCAR fans and newcomers to the sport. And the effectiveness of a single event or their cumulative effort over time is fully trackable. UPS can track the results by identifying the incremental business derived by unique experiences to potential or valuable customers.

UPS's B2B goals are also supported by networking in the NASCAR garage and peer-to-peer activities with many other team sponsors; businesses who could use UPS services. NASCAR is a fantastic platform for building strong business relationships and deal making. Roush Fenway steps it up a notch through active facilitation through introductions, summits and networking. Because of Roush Fenway's stature and experience in motorsports marketing, and because of our many relationships outside of motorsports, we are in a great position to empower our sponsor partners to achieve their business goals.