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Beyond The Hood: B2B in High Gear

NASCAR is one of the most valuable,
effective deal-making platforms available.

Simply put, business people have come to expect two things from a NASCAR event: fun and success. They go hand-in-hand, because in this environment, you can't help but be at ease, while eager to make a deal happen. The NASCAR world is filled with optimism and opportunity at every turn, and if you've ever been to an event or a race, you've felt it. With some of the world's most admired brands and representatives from those companies there with you, the optimism is justified.

Roush Fenway is one of the largest, most well-connected
motorsports organizations in the world.

Roush Fenway Racing can offer you unprecedented global opportunities to be introduced to decision makers in a multitude of industries. Outcomes could include helping you identify potential business partners, developing marketing proposals or simply initiating a relationship. And since Roush Fenway Racing is a joint venture of ROUSH Industries and Fenway Sports Group (owners of the Boston Red Sox), it is affiliated with world-class engineering and development as well as a baseball and marketing/media powerhouse. Roush Fenway’s approach is that anything is possible once we go after it.