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Marketing Innovation: Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is hot and the experience of a Roush Fenway event is even hotter.

When crowds gather around a NASCAR superstar, respond to the roar of an 800-horsepower race car, or enjoy fascinating displays at an award-winning racing museum, your brand can be there, benefiting from a positive association with the events.

When you bring a select client or group to watch a NASCAR race from a comfortable suite, or entertain them before a race in a private chalet, or treat them to a lively pre-race pit tour, you are tapping into a powerful way of doing business.

All of this is "Experiential Marketing", a valuable tool to help utilize the assets available to you with a Roush Fenway sponsorship. Here are the many benefits:

  • Appeal to enthusiasts on a genuine level
  • Forge stronger relationships with clients and prospects
  • Position your brand with a successful motorsports team
  • Create a buzz with the appearance of a well-known and admired driver
  • Command the attention of guests and bystanders to deliver your message or promotion
  • Provide ROI and data gathering capabilities
  • Leverage signage, clothing and dimensional structures to broadcast your logo
  • Offer sponsor-branded merchandise
  • Obtain quality, captured time with key clients

Roush Fenway assets to help you conduct experiential marketing:


Our drivers and team members are the most accessible athletes in the world. This is a connection our fans appreciate and value. Roush Fenway's event specialists will deliver these authentic, memory-making connections for our partners' customers, executives and employees for a seamless integration of their brand at racetracks, retail stores and at Roush Fenway's own facilities. With more than 25,000 events executed since 1985, no one delivers a more authentic on or off-track connection to NASCAR than Roush Fenway's event marketing team. Appearances are suitable for product endorsements, sales promotions, charitable causes or corporate employee functions and are among the most effective experiential assets of sponsorship.


Whether it's to get a prospect's attention, show appreciation to a client, or motivate staff with a reward, this experience will deliver results. Ride-alongs provide the thrill of riding in a genuine stock car with a professional team driver. The program is flexible to maximize key corporate initiatives and experiences. You can choose the driver, select a track and add other activities for a full weekend of exhilarating moments. Add another car to the mix to simulate what it feels like to make a pass, go side-by-side screaming through the turn and experience what it is like to be in an actual race. Your guests will never forget a ride-along – and they will remember who gave them the opportunity. Read More

The experience of attending a well-planned, memorable event can be a powerful motivator for both consumers and business people. Roush Fenway operates the event in a smooth professional manner. This allows you more time with your clients and reflects positively on your company. We take this responsibility very seriously. Read More

When an authentic 800-horsepower race car fires up at your next event, watch the crowds gather! Draw attention and traffic to your next event with an authentic race car from Roush Fenway Racing. Our Show Vehicles Department delivers the excitement of motorsports directly to your venue. Read more

Let's say you have a product launch or a press event. You want to plan something unique and exciting that will get people there and leave them talking about it afterwards. We recommend the Roush Fenway Racing Museum and Theater. It's a great venue to conduct a number of public and B2B activities both large and small. In fact, we can customize any type of event to suit your needs. Our dedicated event staff is committed to helping you achieve your business objectives. Read more

Further engage guests and stop passers-by with the addition of interactive experiences and contests such as full-size racing simulators, an actual race hauler renovated similar to that of a museum, tire-changing challenges or other fun games. Mobile units may be customized with your company logo, product information and/or promotional messages. This is a great way to draw crowds at corporate events, retail venues, large events such as fairs, at the track on race days or during popular, pre-race tailgating. Read more