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A Culture of Performance

Whether motorsports marketing or racing,
Roush Fenway engineers success.

In our more than 25 years of motorsports marketing experience, we have proven that there is a direct, often immediate, correlation between track performance and our sponsors' success in the marketplace. The resulting value is why the top brands in NASCAR have found a home with Roush Fenway.


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3M started racing with an evaluative budget which resulted in a 6:1 ROI tied directly back to the Roush Fenway program. Based on this, 3M increased its budget to achieve greater goals. 3M divisions have addressed both B2C and B2B initiatives to invigorate sales by utilizing  pass-through rights for key customers and potential customers, at-track hospitality, point-of-sale and leading brand specific tactics.

Roush Fenway sees performance as the act of achieving one goal after another.

When you partner with Roush Fenway, your objectives become Roush Fenway's. Here's a list of goals we routinely help our partners reach:

  • Connect with fans/Increase consumer interactions (3M, UPS, Aflac)
  • Increase sales/business (Aflac, Fastenal, Ford, Subway, Valvoline, Cargill)
  • Sell programs to other divisions to increase incremental sales (3M)
  • Utilize motorsports program as an effective B2B platform (3M, Aflac, UPS, Fastenal, Ford)
  • Motivate employees and build morale (Aflac, UPS)
  • Increase awareness (Aflac, Valvoline, Fastenal, Cargill)
  • Create additional consumer trust through the use of driver endorsements (Coke, Citizen Eco Drive, Fastenal, Gatorade, Wiley X)
  • Educate consumers (Ford, UPS)
  • Increase opt-ins for promotions (3M)
  • Collect data (Ford)

Engineered to succeed.

Because of Roush Fenway's size and depth in both marketing and on the competition side, sponsors enjoy more opportunities, flexibility and stability.

Our stability comes in part from the support of ROUSH Industries, which employs more than 2,000 people in 50 high-tech development centers worldwide. This provides an advantage for our teams, keeping them ahead of the performance curve and remaining competitive. Roush Fenway Racing, itself, employs some 450 highly-skilled and professional workers.

Our stability is made greater still due to the joint-ownership with Fenway Sports Group (owners of the Boston Red Sox), which supports Roush Fenway by using their experience, relationships, and large audience base to add value for our sponsors, and maintain an unsurpassed position among NASCAR teams. Fenway Sports Group has emerged to become a powerful force within the global sports marketing industry, working in partnership with the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC.

Sponsors also enjoy more flexibility with Roush Fenway thanks to the broadest slate of opportunities available in motorsports, allowing us to accommodate a wide range of investment.

Finally, running more racing teams than any of its competitors, Roush Fenway enjoys economies of scale in people, data, information, intellectual capital and resources, offering every team and their sponsors access to consistent high performance and the exposure that comes with it.