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Partnering with Roush Fenway means that you are getting not just a race team, but the expert motorsports marketing advice and resources you will need to leverage that relationship. In fact, we’d like you to think of Roush Fenway Racing as a marketing partner dedicated to helping you succeed. Our abilities include everything from strategic planning and development, to logistics and event staffing. Here are just some of the ways Roush Fenway keeps their sponsors on the leading edge of motorsports marketing.

Roush Fenway’s business development team pioneered multi-partner primary sponsorships over a decade ago. In a traditional multi-partner program, the assets comprising the primary level of sponsorship are strategically divided proportionally between the parties.  As many companies have experienced, this can allow you to tap into NASCAR’s immense fan base and marketing potential at a cost much lower than expected for a primary-level sponsorship. 

NASCAR is the king of Experiential Marketing, one of the most powerfully effective forms of marketing today. It empowers consumers, speaks to them on their terms and leads to strong loyalty. The effects of an experience are heightened when people feel proximity to the action, and a great way to achieve this feeling is through events. Roush Fenway understands the value of such events and has a dedicated department to professionally plan and execute branded experiences to help you make an authentic connection with fans or clients. Read more

Roush Fenway Racing is currently making the most aggressive Internet marketing investment of all NASCAR teams. The Roush Fenway official team website is a primary destination for fans going online to get closer to their teams, drivers and sponsors .. . R    .djiefjiejf. . R  R..    .     – and sponsors ..   ..  .. acts as a sponsor portal, linking fans and business people directly to all of our sponsors' race websites – sites that offer an incredible opportunity for our partners to leverage their Roush Fenway association.