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Beyond The Hood: Benefits Drilldown

Whatever your marketing goals are, Roush Fenway's vast resources offer solutions.

Marketers who are not familiar with motorsports marketing might not be aware of all the opportunities that come with sponsorship, or the benefits associated with them. Part of the Roush Fenway advantage is that our vast resources enable us to create a custom program tailored to deliver the specific benefits needed to achieve your marketing objectives.

The thrill of a NASCAR race is a perfect setting to show customers how much you value their relationship. Customers will delight in visiting drivers in Victory Lane or at the car hauler. These provide great photo opportunities and our drivers are friendly and down to earth with visitors. Hospitality is also a valuable engagement tactic and there are three basic venues where this takes place: chalets, grandstands and suites. A number of events can be arranged in large outdoor chalets, including beer gardens, press events, product launches, receptions, dinners and more. Grandstands are suited to hosting large gatherings in a block of seating. Suites offer VIP treatment in an exclusive setting, not only providing your guests with a fantastic view of the action, but with signed memorabilia, catering and perhaps a visit from a driver.

Customer engagement does not stop at the track, however. Show car programs and driver appearances allow activation at retail establishments and public events. Sponsors often use appearances or driver likeness rights to leverage their association to grab attention at points-of-sale. NASCAR goes where your customers are helping your brand's awareness and empowering your marketing dollars.

Many companies have used their sponsorship to inspire, thank and engage employees. As an incentive, a visit to a NASCAR race and all that comes with it - including driver meet & greets, pit tours and victory lane visits - is powerful and memorable. Large companies have utilized NASCAR's many venues and race dates to host employee appreciation days with race tickets, chalet events and licensed merchandise. The popularity of NASCAR makes it a safe bet as a crowd pleaser. Companies which have employees across the U.S., such as UPS, have found NASCAR valuable in creating workforce pride and camaraderie by rallying everyone behind a common driver and championship aspirations.

NASCAR puts extra horsepower in your PR program. And because of Roush Fenway’s stature in the sport and quantity of front-running teams, our sponsors enjoy a disproportionate amount of media coverage and marketplace attention, which is a boon for their brands. PR is considered free advertising via a steady stream of media coverage including not only races, but events at malls and schools, driver appearances at civic or business functions and time on talk shows and in lifestyle/celebrity news.

Our drivers, many of whom have been the face of a race team and sponsors since adolescence, are well-seasoned spokespeople who are not only genuinely nice to fans and media, but naturally supportive of sponsors' brands. The wholesome, family-oriented values espoused by NASCAR drivers have made them some of the safest, most stable spokes people in the world.

Roush Fenway assigns a dedicated, experienced motorsports professional to each sponsor program. This account manager becomes a steward for your PR initiatives and acts as a liaison between brand and driver, ensuring timely, on-point messaging.

NASCAR is a powerful platform for business-to-business activity. No matter what type of prospect you're courting, no matter what your initiatives are, the flexibility and creativity found within a NASCAR sponsorship can help you achieve success. For example, sponsors can "pass through" their rights to a third party, such as a retailer they'd like to re-sell their goods for example. Valuable and attractive on-car promotion can be exchanged for slotting fees or a supply-side sponsor could pass through rights to a retail partner for a new product promotion to drive floor traffic and sales.

At-track hospitality is also a key activation point for B2B interests and sponsors enjoy a variety of choices here. Tent chalets offer plenty of room for large group events and panoramic suites offer the privacy and first class treatment suitable for cementing positive business relations.  The vast array of companies involved, and the exciting, upbeat environment, make NASCAR an ideal platform for doing business.

NASCAR not only offers sponsors a colorful, powerful canvas on which to paint their brand, but in return, offers both functional and emotional attributes that can evolve your brand in number of positive ways. These attributes include performance, competition, intensity, speed, loyalty, honesty, fairness and other family-oriented values.

Atop those equities, Roush Fenway layers additional attributes, including innovation, performance, success, American ingenuity, teamwork, and ambition. These associative properties, combined with the lifestyle and experiential qualities of NASCAR, provide our sponsors with a valuable brand tool kit that aids both brand planning and tactical execution in nearly ways.

In fact, the branding and creative possibilities through motorsports may seem daunting. But with Roush Fenway as a partner, you can relax.  With more than 25 years of NASCAR history, 40 years of motorsports history and the esteemed experience of our Fenway Sports Group partners (owners of the Boston Red Sox), you can rely on Roush Fenway Racing, the world's leading motorsports marketing organization.

A NASCAR sponsorship is really an all-access pass to the best audience in the world; people who will adopt you as their own and actually look forward to interacting with your company and brand. This consumer engagement can happen in a number of ways, including driver meet & greets, contests (such as to be an honorary pit crew member or win tickets to a race and watch it from the pit box), hosted trackside events (such as games and interactive displays) and engagement via social or syndicated media.

Another environment offering consumer engagement opportunity is in retail. Licensing and rights to a driver's image allow sponsors to take advantage of two of America's favorite past-times: shopping and NASCAR. Today's consumers like to wear and broadcast their brand allegiances, purchasing everything from collectible die-cast cars, jewelry and apparel, which is highly desirable as either gifts or personal purchases. When it comes to promoting merchandise or services, whether to consumers or businesses, Roush Fenway's likeable drivers and expertise in licensing make it easy and successful.

Of course, the practice of engaging consumers is different today than it was just a few years ago. The "experience economy" is booming as consumers are hungry to not only immerse themselves into the action, but then share their experience with their personal community of friends, family and co-workers via digital media. Roush Fenway has made an industry-leading investment in digital media to provide our sponsors with the best opportunity to connect with consumers in innovative, fun and immediate ways. With technology not only driving media consumption habits, but itself becoming the experience (apps, games and social media), sponsors can leverage their Roush Fenway association in ever-increasing ways to achieve engagement on a peer-to-peer or mass scale.