Roush Fenway Racing

Rev Your Event

Experiences and Add-Ons

Entertain and delight your guests with the addition of interactive experiences such as full-size racing simulators,   an actual race hauler renovated similar to that of a museum and tire-changing challenge or other fun games. Mobile units may be customized with your company’s logo, product information and/or promotional messages. This is a great way to draw crowds either at retail venues, large events such as fairs, corporate events, at the track on race day or during popular pre-race tailgating.

Give your guests the thrill of hot laps around NASCAR’s most popular tracks with a full-sized racing simulator. The on-board computer system offers a wide array of tracks and other selectable variables. Whether it be head to head racing or Fastest Lap Competition, the simulator is sure to be a big hit at your next event!

With Spin-to-Win, guests have the opportunity to spin a specially marked wheel to earn prizes – it’s that simple!

Tire change and Skee-ball gamesTIRE CHANGING MODULE
Changing tires is an integral part of a pit stop in racing. Think your guests have what it takes to perform a tire change in the fast paced world of NASCAR racing? Put them to the test with the addition of a tire changing module at your next show car appearance. Your guests will be in the center of the action as they race against the clock using the Roush Fenway tire changer.

Just like the arcade classic, visitors attempt to score as many points as possible by rolling skee balls up an inclined ramp and into designated point value cups. Points are added up for a total.

Individuals or multiple player teams enjoy head-to-head competition with this parking lot friendly version of horseshoes. The goals can be customized with logos or messages to maximize exposure of your campaign.