April 21, 2013 9:40 AM

Edwards in Front Row with Second Place Start


Kansas City, KS. (April 21, 2013) – During yesterday’s qualifier at Kansas Speedway,  Carl Edwards completed his highest qualifying finish of the season, with a fast lap of 28.16 seconds (191.74 mph), sending him to the front row for tomorrow’s STP 400 in a second place starting position. 

“We had the pole for two or three minutes there and that felt real good,” said Edwards.   “This is a special place and we’ve got a very fast Aflac Ford.  Hopefully, it races as well as it runs in qualifying trim.  I really messed up my first lap.  My second lap was pretty good, but it still wasn’t as fast as what we ran in practice.  I think we’ll hold up for second, so that’s a great starting spot.  I just want to win this race.  That’s it.”

Edwards went out 41st for qualifying and was sitting confident on the pole with only the No. 7, No. 20 and No. 42 left to go. Matt Kenseth in the No. 20 barely squeezed by and snagged the pole, setting Edwards up for second place in tomorrow’s race.

“It was fun while it last,” Edwards continued. “What did he run?  A .145, we ran a .162, so we definitely have some really good race cars.  Man, I really wanted to be on the pole.  This car is fast.  It’s gonna be a great race on Sunday and I feel like our guys have done a really good job with our test here and what we’ve prepared for the race, so you never know.  This is a cool track.  To win here would be huge.”







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