April 4, 2013 8:34 AM

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April 4th, 2013 – March Madness is only as good as your home team is and well, let’s face it, after the Tar Heels got knocked out there was only one thing left to look forward to….The White House Easter Egg Roll! (duh).

As Easter Sunday came to a close, I drove back from Charleston, S.C. and had the pleasure of scooting on up the 95 corridor to the nation’s capital on Sunday night. I spent some time as a Washington, D.C. resident in 2010 therefore nestled into my friends’ apartment by midnight. By 6 a.m. I rose before the alarm, anxiously awaiting the Easter Egg Roll in all its famed glory and was in line for my credentials by 7:30.

I had never been to the annual event before but had imagined it was merely a big lawn, a few eggs but nonetheless all in front of an iconic American staple that is the White House. But alas, I was not prepared for what I can only imagine was a child’s version of Disneyland for Easter; There were what felt like miles of stations from cooking shows, to yoga lessons, egg dying and of course, the classic egg roll that was kicked off by POTUS himself. At one point, I was trying to contain the excitement and not run down little kids as I made my way to watch boyband sensation The Wanted perform.

When I was done “making the rounds” and gathering my bearings on the event, I scooted back out the gates to the Ellipse where the Fastenal Ford was held. As hundreds of people lined up waiting for their time slot for entry to begin, kids, parents and fans alike flocked to the blue and white machine with floods of questions, pictures and interest.  “What exactly IS Fastenal?”, “Who is Carl Edwards?” were among some of the questions, but my favorites were, “Can I get in?” and “Is this your car?”  It was my honor and duty to inform the audiences of what the magnificent machine was before them or merely remind the self-proclaimed fans to support the No. 99 team.  By the end of the day the mission was complete, coverage was had and the Fastenal Ford was packed up and ready to return to Concord.

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